Trump’s Brain Pills

It may or may not come as a surprise to you but the 45th president of the United States has admitted to use brain pills regularly for improved memory, thinking, more energy and to work longer. He has remarked on his brain pills as giving him super powers. He has termed his brain enhancing pills as magic and gone even further to credit the success of his businesses to them. He claims that had it not been for these brain enhancement pills he would have retired a long time ago. Such comments and claims coming from the most powerful man on earth only add to the credibility of brain enhancing drugs. Today, the demand for nootropics has increased rapidly and so are its sales worldwide. All these facts only validate the integrity of brain supplements.

One great example of credible nootropics is Noocube which is a powerful blend of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other necessary building blocks that help improve the functioning of our brains. It’s a daily supplement that is designed to put your brain into a higher gear opening new dimensions of new possibilities with brain efficiency.

Appearing on the Dr.Oz show he gave away the secret to winning the election in the interview i.e. brain pills. He has credited an IQ-boosting supplement for his election win, one which is mostly reserved for the elite. He says that his ability to function and maintain focus on such peak levels is due to a certain “smart pill” that can enhance the cognitive functions of the brain and boost recalling and memory power. The news channel CNN was the first to uncover this smart pill that is supposed to raise the levels of performance and focus in everyday life by a staggering 300 %.

Donald Trump is not the only public figure to have admitted and praised brain enhancing pills. Many athletes and celebrities have either admitted or been rumored to take such pills. Musicians like Kanye West, athletes like Tom Broady and even natural geniuses like Stephen Hawking are examples of them. They have praised the brain boosters to double the IQ, triple memory and increase energy levels substantially. Even the previous Democrat President Barrack Obama has been alleged to using certain medications as a report of his physical exam has shown that he used drugs to help him stay awake longer and manage jet lag. Which drugs he used have not been specified but there are several possibilities.

The controversial president can be seen constantly bragging about how smart he is among other things publicly, but is all his intellect truly in debt to brain pills, like the famous movie Limitless? According to Fox News, it is. In an article that is credited to Rickman, Donald Trump told Fox News that he owes it to a supplement called CogniMaxx XL. Trump has surprised his audience by revealing this secret to postponing his retirement. And now, he says as president these brain pills are even more important to him than ever.

According to O’Reilly, Trump is in fact a great fan of reading books and creating jobs and he credits his success to an IQ boosting pill called CogniMaxx XL. Trump says that what is great about these brain boosters is that they are not heavily advertised and the company manufacturing them rather puts all that money into the product itself, finding the most organic, pure and all natural ingredients to go into the formula of the product. That is why you have to be “in the know” he says to obtain it as most people are ignorant about it due to lack of its advertisement. Then he goes on to joke about his secret not being a secret anymore.

On digging deeper, it is said to be found that the writer of the article might be scamming everyone by using the pseudonym James Rickman. This same writer has been known to do this previously as well. Many scammers have been exposed that have used celebrity names to trick the people into purchasing magic solutions for brain enhancement. These scams especially became prevalent after the famous movie and Limitless, where Bradley Cooper (the actor) becomes extremely successful after taking some brain pills. But, as they say where there is smoke there is fire. Many great reviews are also available regarding nootropics that have validated their integrity and credibility. Nootropic Supplement

A product that has received such great reviews is Noocube, which offers substantial benefits both easily and safely. It is a synergetic blend of smart pills that safely and easily improves the cognitive functions of the brain. It improves memory, mental speed and focus of its consumer. It is a powerful blend of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other necessary building blocks to improve the functioning of the brain.

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