7 Fruits that Aid in Weight Loss without Extra Efforts

Can any food items be our allies when it comes to losing weight? Imagine eating to lose weight! Doesn’t that sound appetizing and awesome?

fruits to lose weight

Believe it or not, by consuming fruits and vegetables on daily basis, you can aid in a quick weight loss as these organic babies keep you full for longer while offering lesser calories. While they are high in volume, they are low in fattening calories.

For this reason, we bring you the top 7 fruits, fresh from the gardens to be eaten for an awesome weight shedding regime effortlessly. Even if you do not exercise or try the famous diets, these fresh fruits will make you slim n trim within weeks!

Let’s get started.

1. Water it: Watermelon

Ever heard about drinking water to shed weight? With watermelon, this is exactly the case. While it is 90% water, by consuming watermelon, you will only gain 30 calories!

This is a dream come true. The best part about water melon is that it helps you by providing amino acids, vitamins and hydration.

2. Apple a day can keep the Doctor away!

The common notion suggests that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, and rightly so. An apple should be a part of your daily diet regardless of any weight loss plans.

Apples are full of Vitamin A, B, B6, C and Folic acid. Apples help strengthen the immune system, improve eyesight and freshen the skin. One apple contain 50 calories, so eat it once a day.

3. Go Monkey with Banana

Bananas are the ideal snacks after workout sessions as they are loaded with energy. Instead of going for an energy bar, grab a banana and munch it away.

Bananas have potassium, Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and folic acid. Bananas have 105 calories approximately, hence ideal for post workout sessions.

Bananas can also be enjoyed in almost all seasons, that is why adding one banana in your routine will show you an awesome difference within weeks.

4. Pear it

While some find pears to be too coarse, however pears are ideal for weight loss. Pears fulfill your bodily fiber needs and are perfect for maintaining cholesterol levels, diabetes, etc.

They are full of iron, copper, vitamin A, B, niacin, etc. Basically, perfect for your fruit salad, pears can help you lose weight like none other.

5. Paint yourself Orange.

Oranges are the best fruits there are! While you can consume them in the form of juice, fruit salad, salad dressing, food decoration as well as desserts, they are ideal for weight loss too.

Since they bring a bit of sour-sweet element, they are perfect for your dieting sweet tooth cravings. They have vitamin A, C, E, phosphorus, potassium, etc. Ideal for dry skin, constipation and seasonal flu.

6. Tomato Fight?

No, opt for a tomato salad instead of the famous tomato fight! For those of you thinking why there are tomatoes in this list, ‘tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable!’.

Tomatoes are awesome when it comes to reducing water retention and decreasing leptin in the body. Leptin is a protein which decreases weight loss!

Hence, tomatoes need to be eaten daily. Eat your tomatoes fresh in the form of salads, fresh juice, etc.

7. Very Berry

Berries are the ultimate choice when it comes to shedding a few pounds. As they are so small and juicy, they are however packed with energy boosting powers.

Berries are natural antioxidants as well which help prevent acne, help the skin stay fresh and glowing while keeping you healthy on the inside as well.dietpill2017

As berries boost your metabolic rates, they help your core temperature to rise and burn fat easily. Consume fresh or frozen berries in your salads or when you are on the go and see the difference.

Other Weight Loss Solutions

PhenQ weight Loss Pills

While you add fruits to your daily diets, opting for diet pills like PhenQ, slimming teas like green tea and simple walks to the park can enhance your weight loss plan.

1. Diet Pills

Diet pills help boost your metabolism and supercharge your fat burning process from the core.

While the diet pills can curb your food cravings, they can also help you make the right food choices.

The best ones are PhenQ dietary supplements.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is a natural antioxidant and a fat burning booster.

Drink up to 3 mugs of green tea in a day and pair it with 8 glasses of water and get slim within a week!

3. Walk

Walks or jogs are ideal for toning up your body. While the diet plays an important role, physical exercise is also essential. Walk or jog daily and help your weight loss plans become real.

Fruit up your daily dose and become Model like within a month!