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Male Sexual Enhancement Techniques

Do you want to experience the best performances of your life with a bigger, harder and enhanced male body part?

Physical intimacy is a strong force of attraction that brings partners into a devoted relationship and nurtures affection. Partners feel the need to experience pleasure in each other’s company and both partner’s sexual delight and satisfaction is hugely dependent on the male companion. The better a man can perform in erotic activities, the better will be the sex life of both companions.

A man’s performance is measured by factors like his arousal time, size of the organ, his erection, stamina, and longer duration of standing. All of these aspects play a major role in defining a male’s sexual health. Read about the most reliable male enhancement techniques through safe and natural means that would certainly boost your sexual life.

Under performance and smaller size can ruin healthy relationships and a man’s self-esteem too. To overcome this issue, many surgical and non-surgical procedures have been under practice, but going under the knife to transform your male part is pretty expensive and unnatural too.

Also, once a person goes under surgery for form-changing, they have to keep going through post-surgical procedures to stay in shape. The techniques described below are entirely non-surgical alternatives that will help you enhance the size and width of your shaft naturally and safely, without causing any harm or side effects.


This is one of the best methods for penis enlargement which works on increasing the circumference and not only the length. Massaging techniques have been brought to the modern world from ancient medical and revival spas for the great benefits they provide to the human body, mainly by increasing blood flow to the part that is being massaged.

The skin of massaged area absorbs nutrients from the oil that is used for massaging, mostly packed with naturally occurring omegas, which penetrates into the blood carrying capillaries under the skin. The light pressure from the massage helps soothe the muscles and tissues and at the same time provides nourishment from the oil directly to the tissues.

If you regularly massage your penis with any organic oil containing good fats and omegas like olive oil, coconut oil, or any oil with good fats, you will soon start noticing your penis getting thicker and bigger in size. The increase in length and thickness will be visible to you pretty soon if you lightly massage your penis two to three times a day for only 2 to 5 minutes. To increase the efficacy of this technique, you can also start taking Male Extra for enhancing your male part, becoming much harder, and having longer lasting erections.


There is a pneumococcus muscle in the penis which can increase blood flow to your penis, and regularly clenching this muscle can work like an exercise for strengthening this muscle. To identify this particular muscle, you can try to control urine for a second while urinating. The muscle used to stop the flow of urine is the exact same muscle that you need to clench as part of an exercising routine. Doing this can entrap blood flow and oxygen into the shaft and can help for erecting your penis too. Repeated clenching exercises of your PC muscle can also help you last much longer and can give you stronger ejaculatory control.

Clench and release your PC muscle in such a manner that you hold for a count of 5 seconds after clenching the muscle, then release the muscle for 3 seconds and tighten the muscle again for 5 seconds. Do it repeatedly for 20 times twice a day, as a beginner. With time, increase the repetitions of your clenches. These are also called kegal exercises and will undoubtedly give you improved erection, better control on ejaculation, and an enhanced male organ.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking can be one of the biggest reasons for average performance because it causes the narrowing down of blood vessels in the shaft. Limiting the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day, and eventually completely quitting to smoke can have an unbelievable upshot on your improved performance and also on your size. According to proven medical studies, smokers are twice as much on the danger of suffering from impotence than non-smokers, because cigarettes can damage the arteries which causes disruption in healthy blood circulation. The blood that flows through these shrunken arteries, caused by smoking, do not provide enough to the male organ for enough enhancement. If you are a heavy smoker than consider lowering down your smoking habit and take preventive measures by using Male Extra to help increase higher blood circulation to your penis which will help you have better sex by giving you an improved size and strength during physical contacts of sexual nature.