9 Killer Ways To Gain Muscle Naturally!

It is easy to feel emasculated if you are small, weak or just a skinny guy with hardly any meat on your bones. This feeling of emasculation will kill your confidence, personality and lower your self-esteem. Not to mention the constant taunts you may experience from people around you. But, if you are one of such people do not distress. There are many ways to gain muscle mass to increase your body weight.

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1 .Develop the habit of eating

It is easy to gain sympathy for your situation but it better to suck it up. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start working towards improving yourself. For starters you must take note that you should not make eating an afterthought, rather make it a habit. Each body has its own genetic disposition with its own built in features. In case of skinny guys, they have fast metabolisms that burns and digests calories quickly. You should focus on having 5 to 6 meals dense in calorie with intervals of 2-3 hours every day. This will give your body something to constantly metabolize and develop muscle.

  1. Limit your physical activity

You should limit your physical activity outside of the gym. Being skinny is just your natural disposition but you should analyze what other variables maintain this physique which could be in your hands. You should relax a bit more so that your energies are put to better use.

  1. Go to Buffets
    Guys who are extremely skinny should starting going to the buffets at least once every week. But try to go to the buffet after working out in the gym which will be helpful to pack on the pounds and gain weight in the right places. This way your body will become trained to accept more food and it will cause your appetite to increase. But also remember to not go overboard with this strategy.
  2. Train less than an hour

An essential point to remember is to limit the duration of your exercise program to less than one hour. During your work outs you should focus on its high intensity rather than how long you do it for. Research has shown that marathon training sessions are not better for the growth of muscles but quite the contrary. Try to limit the small talk you may have with your gym colleagues and keep your resting periods to less than a minute. Dianabol

  1. Understand the caloric surplus

People often cry of having done everything but nothing works. This is a lie you need to stop telling yourself. People usually think that they are eating a lot and they might be too but the fact  is that if you are not gaining, you are not eating adequately enough. You may need to reanalyze your diet and put more focus on food that is calorie dense. You simply need to keep eating more unless you start gaining.

It will not be easy to change the composition of your body and it will resist. You will have to persuade your body to gain weight, even force it. It may get a little uncomfortable but you will have to see it through.

  1. Every 4-6 weeks change your rep range

If you are not making significant gains and not progressing the way you should you should consider changing the rep range every four to six weeks to prevent stagnation. Your body will adapt to new stress with changes in rep range causing you to gain weight with muscles.

  1. You could use a Mass Gainer

If you simply cannot eat enough to gain weight you may need to consider a mass gainer. It is not anything dangerous, just basic calories in ‘shake’ form. You could replace having chicken, veggies or rice with this shake. But, you should eat the three normal meals of real food and drink the shakes between meals. Also remember that you should not take more than 3 shakes a day.

  1. Focus on progress

You should focus on progressing in your workouts and not on its volume.  Many make this mistake. Increase the weight lifted or the number of reps but don’t drag it on.

  1. Sleep more

The body instructs muscle building after workouts and during sleep. So be sure to sleep 8-10 hours every night which will be catabolic to muscle growth.
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